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Tips For Safe Social Media Use

The Tip Many of us use social media tools like Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat every day. Given the popularity of these tools, the landscape has become ripe ground for cyber criminals and fraudsters. Using these tools safely isn’t really

Is spam clogging your inbox?

The Tip Spam campaigns are often a primary attack vector used by cyber criminals. Less spam means being a little more secure. The Detail Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a number of simple strategies you can

Have I Been Pwned

The Tip We should all know by now that using the same password on multiple sites is a big security no-no! We might think our username:password is safe with the big companies, but this is absolutely not true. Did you

USB, Don’t Trust Anything

The Tip We should all know by now to never insert an unknown USB drive into our computer or laptop. Sadly, researchers are finding more and more crafty ways that criminals are abusing the ‘Universal’ part of Universal Serial Bus.

Where To Keep Your Data, And Why

This week’s topic is Where to keep your data, and why. It is more an information piece geared to getting you think, than a simple tip. The Tip These days, many of us work on laptops and take our work

Check Before You Click

The Tip Did you know that many viruses and other forms of compromise can now be spread just by visiting a website? This makes it more important than ever to be careful what you click on! The Detail Potentially harmful

5 Tips to Securing Your Webcam

The Tip January 28 was Data Privacy Day. Read this post about the importance of securing your webcam and protecting your privacy. This is a guest-post by Marc Saltzman, who has reported on the high-tech industry since 1996 as a

The Culture of Security

This week’s topic is The Culture of Security The Tip Our community has its own culture. We have a standardized method of communication. We have dress codes. We have expectations, rules, and a collective personality that exists in the university.

The 10 Tenets of OpSec

From Beazley Breach Response Services and Lodestone Security Operations Security, or OpSec, is the mindset of using secure practices. Practicing OpSec helps keep us safe from ne’er-do-wells. Secure your space Don’t leave sensitive documents out when away from your workspace. Lock

Patch, Patch, Patch – You need to stay up-to-date

This week’s topic is Patch, Patch, Patch – You need to stay up-to-date The Tip There are going to be a lot of updates released in the weeks to come for your phone, your tablet, your computers… it is more

USB Flash Drive Security – It’s Important

USB drives are so pervasive in today’s world of technology, that it’s all too easy to become blasé to the many risks in using this very useful and ubiquitous technology. Risks inherent with USB Flash Drives fall into two broad

Password Managers – You should be using one

This week’s topic is Password Managers – You should be using one The Tip The majority of us use not-so-strong passwords, and reuse them on different sites. After all, how are you supposed to use and remember strong and unique

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