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Does it have to be all so technical?

The Tip Strong security isn’t just about complicated rules around passwords and anti-virus software and malware and managing access. Many important habits for safeguarding your important personal and work information build down to common sense and physical security and generally

Smartphone Smarts

The Tip As the smartphone market has matured and become a part of everyday life for most of us, the proliferation of bad actors in the app market has kept pace. The Detail We’ve all come to depend on apps

WiFi Hotspot Scams

The Tip Whether you’re vacationing, at a coffee shop, visiting a friend, or waiting in an airport, wifi hotspots are becoming ubiquitous. Sometimes the hotspots will cost a small fee, and other times they are free. In either case, be

Where To Keep Your Data, And Why

This week’s topic is Where to keep your data, and why. It is more an information piece geared to getting you think, than a simple tip. The Tip These days, many of us work on laptops and take our work

Mobile Device Security, Are You Doing Enough?

This week’s topic is Mobile Device Security, Are You Doing Enough? The Tip Most of us don’t think about it, but chances are your smart phone is more precious than your wallet or your keys, and in many cases, your

USB Flash Drive Security – It’s Important

USB drives are so pervasive in today’s world of technology, that it’s all too easy to become blasé to the many risks in using this very useful and ubiquitous technology. Risks inherent with USB Flash Drives fall into two broad

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