Does it have to be all so technical?

The Tip

Strong security isn’t just about complicated rules around passwords and anti-virus software and malware and managing access. Many important habits for safeguarding your important personal and work information build down to common sense and physical security and generally cautious behaviour. This week, we’ll take a step back and look at a few important and easy, non-technical tips.

The Detail

  • When you get up from your desk, lock your screen. It’s easy – (ctrl-alt-delete).
  • Keep an eye on your devices and never leave them alone near strangers.
  • Don’t discuss any sensitive information in public areas or anywhere where someone might be able to eavesdrop.
  • Look for privacy in places like coffee shops or libraries. Sit where no one can look over your shoulder (shoulder-surfing is a big concern).
  • Keep your screen dim or get a privacy shield to make it harder for people to see what’s on your screen.
  • Get a good case for your phone or tablet. A good case will protect your device (and data) should it suffer a drop or something being spilled on it.
  • Be sure to use a passcode on your phone and tablet.