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Passwords Matter

The Tip Passwords are our first line of defence in cybersecurity. So why do so many of us have bad password habits? Who knows. It just seems to be human nature. Readily available hacker scripts can guess most bad passwords

WiFi Hotspot Scams

The Tip Whether you’re vacationing, at a coffee shop, visiting a friend, or waiting in an airport, wifi hotspots are becoming ubiquitous. Sometimes the hotspots will cost a small fee, and other times they are free. In either case, be

Passwords vs Passphrases

Welcome to the first in what we hope to make a weekly series of Cybersecurity tips. This week’s topic is Passwords and Passphrases. The condensed version is, “passwords are bad, passphrases are better”. This is a ‘b@dPas3Word!’. ‘This is a

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