Is spam clogging your inbox?

The Tip

Spam campaigns are often a primary attack vector used by cyber criminals. Less spam means being a little more secure.

The Detail

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a number of simple strategies you can take to weed out a lot of it and keep your inbox safer and less cluttered.

  • unsubscribe from any unnecessary newsletters, or newsletters you have not read in some time
  • be careful where you submit your email address, be it newsletters or contests or any other site
  • consider opening an additional email account to keep your most important one safer and more private
  • consider opening an additional email account just for newsletters
  • take advantage of filters and mark spam emails as spam to help your email provider block spam more effectively
  • never click on links in spam emails (even the ones that say unsubscribe)
  • never download and open attachments in spam emails
  • disable the automatic downloading of images in your emails
  • enhance your privacy settings on social media sites so no one can see your email account
  • if you have a website, protect your email address from automatically being scanned and harvested by spammers

Become your own human firewall and develop your home-grown culture of security 🙂

If you have more questions about these topics, please contact UTS and we’d be happy to offer what guidance we can. There is also a wealth of information to be found using your favourite search engine.