2018 Top Ten Tips

The Tip

As 2018 is nearly in the books, we thought we’d do a little googling for the top cybersecurity tips. There are a LOT of lists to be found out there, but the top 10 seem pretty consistant everywhere. We’ve pretty much covered all of these through this series of cybersecurity tips. New inspiration is getting hard to find, so let’s take a minute and review. Following is Berkley’s top 10 list for 2018. It’s pretty typical of any list you will find. These should seem like familiar territory by now. If you have anything new you’d like to see covered, please write in. In the following weeks to finish the year, we’ll go into further detail on a couple of these.

The Detail
With links to previous articles on our blog;

  1. You are a target to hackers
  2. Keep software up to date
  3. Avoid Phishing scams – beware of suspicious emails and phone calls
  4. Practice good password management
  5. Be careful what you click
  6. Never leave devices unattended
  7. Protect sensitive data
  8. Use mobile devices safely
  9. Install anti-virus protection
  10. Back up your data

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