Internet Skinny-dipping

Skinny DippingThe Tip

This holiday season, many of us will give or unwrap a brand new computer, phone or tablet. Let’s take a few minutes before we take our first plunge with them into the internet.

The Detail

While most new computers come with some form of trial anti-virus software, people just receiving a new device as a gift are usually excited and eager and rarely want to take the time to activate and set these things up properly. Using the internet without good security precautions is never a good idea. It only takes a few minutes to be compromised. Take the time to get that new device up to snuff before you start visiting websites and downloading things.

  • Check for and install any updates to the operating system. There is always some, even with brand new devices.
  • Check for and activate any trial anti-virus and spyware software, or get some the first thing you do on-line
  • Make sure the anti-virus and spyware definitions are up-to-date
  • Install or setup your password manager (you do use one don’t you?)
  • Create a guest account on your new computer if you’re going to let other people use it
  • Set up any parental controls your new device offers, if children will be using it
  • Now go and enjoy the internet safely 🙂